Welcome to the home page for Russell Delman and The Embodied Life School™. We offer seminars, retreats, training programs and consultation dedicated to human transformation through the unfolding of awareness at all levels: physical, mental, relational and spiritual. Russell guides individuals, groups and businesses internationally.

Russell's dedication to the study of awareness and human potential began 1969. The main influences on his teaching are almost fifty years of Zen meditation, close relationship and training with both Moshe Feldenkrais and Eugene Gendlin, deep study of somatic psychology and his rich family life. (see biography)

Programs called The Embodied Life™ which integrate Zen-based Meditation, the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais, Focusing, Communication Practices and Guided Inquiry are offered throughout the world. Freedom from self-limiting habits/beliefs through awakening to our human potential is the intention. Some of these programs are offered as day/week-end workshops, others as residential retreats. Russell's study of communication, human performance and conflict resolution have led to programs for businesses. CD's and DVD's are available for home study.

Living in Awareness, Moving Toward Freedom

From Russell:

"We are living in a powerful historical moment with both vast potential for life to blossom and great challenges. As more people develop the capacity for authentic, holistic awareness, there is a spontaneous movement toward caring for Life. The Embodied Life School is one of many small groups of people throughout our planet dedicated to the realization of Love, Wisdom and Freedom as the evolutionary direction for humanity."

"Russell is a true teacher and healer."
(Ram Das- Dr Richard Alpert)

Listen to Radical Acceptance by Russell Delman
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