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Implicit Connectivity

August, 2012

Just sit there,
Don't do a thing
Just Rest.........

For your separation from God
And from Love
Is the hardest work in this world!


Do you sense a connection to life around you? I find this a surprisingly significant question. Only human beings seem to have the capacity for feeling separate from the social and physical worlds we are living in. Said another way, how do we humans create the experience of isolation, separateness, disconnection from life, love, nature, God, and other people, when this is so obviously inaccurate? It is as absurd as a fish forgetting/denying water. Can we imagine THIS life in THIS form without the great body called earth forming our bones and the perfectly calibrated chemical mixture called air nourishing our cells?

I am growing further and further into the ongoing experience of implicit connectivity. It is "only" when confusion lives in my disconnected thinking that I forget this implicit connectivity. My bodily experience is always inseparable from the world around me. Even the thoughts/feelings propelling this writing are the product of the glucose nourishing my brain from this mornings oatmeal and those oats came from earth, rain, sun, air, farmers hands, cooks skill- these thoughts are connected to the whole world, as is your capacity for reading and understanding.

Yet, we do have this experience, this capacity for disconnecting. We need to be honest about that. We get lost in our make-believe mental world and, at those moments, boy, it seems so real. Developing a bodily habit of pausing, dropping inside into our bodies and directly sensing the living moment is an elixir for this disease.

When reconnection occurs, even a little, there is a blessing showering upon us. It may feel very, very small at first. Yet, if you interrupt your habitual self-talk and open to your bodily experience, something deep in you and around you is urging you to connect. You might feel something in your heart, in the center of your chest calling you. Maybe your belly is gurgling with some response to something that was said to you. Your body is always processing the living situations in which you are alive. Some cultures speak of the beings of earth, the beings of air, the beings of water, the beings of sound actually calling to us, inviting us into relationship. I do not know about this. I do know that implicit connectivity is always there, when I let my bodily process be open to it.

Even in challenging moments there is always what I call a "shower of blessings" when I can directly feel that life is living through me in this moment. Letting a color or sound or sensation be sensed- free from my story about the moment- allows a sense of being touched by life. From this sense of being touched by life comes what I call the "field of gratitude" just as from the "field of gratitude" comes a "shower of blessings". You can enter the implicit connectivity from either feeling touched by a blessing (a blessing is anything that gets through to your heart) OR from sensing gratitude for anything. They lead to each other.

BUT you say, what of those moments when I am so disconnected, so depressed, so full of "NO, DAMMIT, I don't want to be touched by any damn thing". Yes, even here, with practice, a soft voice can arise and say, "even now there is more occurring than just your sorrow" and "I am with you, yes I know it is really, really hard, tell me about it" (maybe placing a gentle hand on that spot). Take care of that suffering place that arises inside of you in the moments of disconnection.

"Yeah but it still might be a painful moment".

"Yes that is true". Pain is part of our living experience. Yet when we are in connection with Self and life, pain is just pain. It can feel terrible AND we can actually feel WHOLE within the experience. When we start fighting with the pain and disconnect from life then we begin to suffer, really, really suffer. Please do not separate from your living experience as it is occurring through your body and, if you do, come home soon!

"We are quintessentially integral with the universe.

In ourselves the universe is revealed to itself as we are revealed in the universe. Such a statement could be made about any aspect of the universe because every being in the universe articulates some special quality of the universe in its entirety.

Indeed nothing in the universe could be itself apart from every other being in the universe, nor could any moment of the universe story exist apart from all the other moments in the story. Yet it is within our own being that we have our own unique experience of the universe and of the Earth in its full reality."

-Thomas Berry, The Great Work: Our Way into the Future.

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