Retreats & Seminars

2021 Schedule

October 2nd to October 3rd
Embodied Life Seminar Bern Switzerland
Saturday (10/2/21)Sunday (10/3/21)

October 7th to October 13th
VU-JOHO2 Week 3
Thursday (10/7/21) to Wednesday (10/13/21) ELMP STUDENTS ONLY

October 16th to October 17th
Embodied Life Seminar Vienna Austria
Saturday (10/16/21)Sunday (10/17/21)

October 20th to October 24th
Embodied Life Eisenbuch Zen Center Retreat
Wednesday (10/20/21)Sunday (10/24/21)

November 5th to November 7th
Embodied Life Feldenkrais Access Zoom Seminar
Friday (11/5/21) Sunday (11/7/21)

December 2nd to December 5th
Embodied Life Gratitude and Forgiveness Retreat
Thursday (12/2/21) Sunday (12/5/21)

December 10th to December 12th
Embodied Life Esalen Retreat
Friday (12/10/21) Sunday (12/12/21)

2022 Schedule

January 22nd to January 23rd
Embodied Life Munich Germany Seminar
Saturday (1/22/22) Sunday (1/23/22)

February 3rd to February 6th
Embodied Life Zist Germany Retreat
Thursday (2/3/22) Sunday (2/6/22)

February 12th to February 13th
Embodied Life Stockholm Sweden Seminar
Saturday (2/12/22) Sunday (2/13/22)

April 7th to April 10th
Embodied Life Switzerland Retreat
Thursday (4/7/22) Sunday (4/10/22)

April 28th to May 1st
Embodied Life Johanneshof Germany Retreat
Thursday (4/28/22) Sunday (5/1/22)

May 21st to May 22nd
Embodied Life Durham North Carolina Seminar
Saturday (5/21/22) Sunday (5/22/22)

July 14th to July 17th
Embodied Life Zist Germany Retreat
Thursday (7/14/22) Sunday (7/17/22)

July 20th to July 24th
Embodied Life Hannemo Sweden Retreat
Wednesday (7/20/22) Sunday (7/24/22)

October 26th to October 30th
Embodied Life Eisenbuch Germany Retreat
Wednesday (10/26/22) Sunday (10/30/22)

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