The Embodied Life™ School

The Embodied Life™ School

Dedicated to Human Transformation and Integrative Learning

With great enthusiasm, we invite you to exploreThe Embodied Life™ School. This school offers a structure through which our associate teachers, future Embodied Life Guides, will present this work in the world. Through cultivating awareness at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, relational and spiritual, our intention is to participate in the evolution of consciousness.

Our understanding is based in the experience of the fundamental unity/interconnection of the inner life and outer world. Learning to 'wake-up', with both rigor and kindness, to all phenomena that arise within our perceptual field is the modus operandi. Fear dominates the human heart; this is part of our evolutionary inheritance. Our opportunity as awakening beings is to transform the habit of fear into love.

Main Studies and Practices

Embodied Meditation is based in the Zen practice of 'just sitting'. A strong emphasis is placed on a quality of openness to 'what is'. Grounded in physical sensations, this openness allows one to relate effectively to all mind states.

Embodied Inquiry is a way of exploring the somatic reality within each thought, belief, emotion and feeling. This investigation has its roots in: Focusing (Eugene Gendlin), Gestalt Psychology (Fritz Perls) and Russell's original methodologies

Embodied Communication grows from the practice of Deep Listening and Non-Violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg) and provides a framework for engaging authentically and open-heartedly with others.

Embodied Movement is based primarily in the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais. The vast array of movement experiments creates: a template for aware action, a reliable infrastructure for developing presence and helps to de-anchor mental and emotional patterns. Other movement approaches complement this study.

Embodied Touch is a unique approach for using 'hands on' methods for inviting a readiness in the nervous system for learning and healing. Though strongly influenced by the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, this is an original method which connects autonomic learning and conscious imagery.

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