September 10, 2017 Meditation for World Peace and Social Justice



Russell Delman and the Embodied Life School

A Day of silent Meditation

Dedicated to World Peace and Social Justice

Sunday September 10, 2017


These "Meditations for Peace" have been on going for five years now and are very meaningful for me. I am so grateful when people join me both in Sophia's Sanctuary and around the world. In this time of rising conflict throughout our world and consequent suffering, I would like to dedicate September 10th’s All Day Meditation to World Peace and Social Justice.



Basic Instructions:

The day is divided into two, five hour sessions. People can come to all or part, even for one meditation. Each of the ten hours will be dedicated to particular form of human suffering that arises from social injustice.  We will also hold a vision for the end of this injustice.

Our practice is to return to Presence, focusing on breathing with gentle awareness, peace and kindness. If anger, despair or other challenging states arise, please greet these feelings with care.

At the beginning of each period, we will speak a dedication so that we can hold in our hearts the particular form of suffering, the beings in our world who are touched by it and a vision of a planet free from this transgression. During the sitting and walking meditations, we spend brief moments recalling the form which social justice to which we are connecting.  Most of the time, our intention is to rest in warm-hearted presence, creating a home in ourselves for World Peace and Social Justice.

 (All times below are PST- West Coast, U.S., 9 hours behind most of Europe )

6:00 - All suffering connected to homelessness - May all people find safe homes.
7:00 - All suffering connected to racial discrimination - May people of all races be treated equitably in society and value each other.
8:00 - All suffering connected to sexual violence and sexual identity- May the boundaries of each person's body and their individuality be universally respected.
9:00 - All suffering connected to religious intolerance - May all faiths be honored. 

10:00 - All suffering connected to violent political ideology - May all views be honored and heard with respect.
(11:00-1:00 pm) PAUSE
1:00 pm - All suffering connected to economic and class violence - May all people be paid a fair and just wage and be valued for the work that they do.
2:00 pm - All suffering connected to ageism - May the young and old be protected, honored and valued in their capacities and differences.
3:00 pm - All suffering connected to tribal, regional and nationalistic violence - May the value of each life be inviolable.
4:00 pm - All suffering connected to discrimination against those with mental or physical disabilities - May all beings be honored in their uniqueness.
5:00 pm - All suffering connected to humanly caused environmental destruction - May all beings live in healthy environments.
I invite you to join me in person at Sophia's Sanctuary in Sebastopol or at home. I encourage you to honor your right limit. Perhaps invite friends to join you.
Thank you for your participation in this offering .
May we together create a world of peace and justice for all.


 Russell Delman

Founder, The Embodied Life School

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Sunday, September 10, 2017 - 6:00am to 6:00pm