November 12, 2017 Meditation for Healing Community and The Earth

Russell Delman and the Embodied Life School

Healing Community and The Earth

(donations accepted for Fire Relief Fund)

A Day of silent Meditation


Each quarter of the day will be dedicated to: Fire, Earth, Air, Water

Sunday November 12, 2017


DEDICATION for the November All-Day Meditation:
To Planet Earth, the Elements and our Interconnectivity

With humility and gratitude, we are dedicating this day of meditation to the earth and environment for the all that is so generously bestowed upon us.  Without denying the often tragic consequences of natural disasters, on this day, we are celebrating the rare and precious gifts of our world.

While we are not so arrogant as to assume that our behavior is THE determining factor in your many recent eruptions, especially in the Americas, we humbly acknowledge that our consumption, greed and unconsciousness have greatly contributed to many imbalances. We assume that the massive earthquakes, hurricanes and vast fires are connected to our actions. Our efforts on this day represent gratitude, a tribute and an offering.

*We celebrate our intimacy with the earth. You support us every moment, like a mother carrying her children.  From you comes the food which sustains us. Your body and our bodies are composed of the same minerals, we are made of the same stuff. How can we ever feel separate? 
For Earth - we are forever grateful.

* We celebrate the air that surrounds us, nourishing every cell. The remarkable interrelationship between the plant and animal world, whereby our need for oxygen is freely given by the plants and their need for CO2 is naturally given through our exhales invites awe and gratitude. Our interconnectivity is undeniable.  For Air - we are forever grateful.

* Our life is dependent upon heat, the fire, that this atmosphere allows. How amazing that in the vastness of space, we are at a distance from the sun that allows for livable temperatures. Fire and heat also invite a warming of the human heart, opening us to love.  For Fire - we are forever grateful.

* Every function of our bodies relies on water. You quench our thirst and feed every cell through our blood. We admire your versatile forms, taking the shape of any container. As ocean, river, lake and stream you beautify our world.  For Water - we are forever grateful.

May human beings hear your warnings.
May planet earth and the elements hear our humble response.


 Russell Delman

Founder, The Embodied Life School

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Sunday, November 12, 2017 - 6:00am to 6:00pm