July 11-16, 2017 Hannemo, Sweden Embodied Life Retreat

Returns for his annual retreat in Hannemo, Sweden!

Embodied Life™ Workshop with Russell Delman,
Hannemo, July 11-16 2017
Theme: Finding BEING a safe harbor in the storm: Cultivating
Grounded Presence, Warm-Heartedness and Joy in Challenging Times

All of our relationships occur through and within our bodily experience.
We need to grow certain specific skills to embody these relationships in
fulfilling ways. In this seminar we will focus on:

– First, grounding in the present moment to receive the messages
coming from the inner and outer world.

– Second, learning the language of the “wisdom body” which comes
from an integration of sensing, feeling, thinking and information from our
life situation.

– Third, sensing when our boundaries need to be more or less
permeable for our harmony with life.

Through meditations, guided awareness practices, conversations and the
movement lessons of Moshe Feldenkrais we will explore these questions.
Embodied Life seminars with Russell invite a depth of exploration in an
atmosphere of lightness, joy and restorative presence.
This seminar is relevant for experienced students and beginners alike.
Please join us for a transformative weekend.

Dates: Arriving 11th July
Startes: Tuesday 11th July at 5PM.
Ends: Sunday 16th July with breakfast.
Location: Hannemo Kursgård in beautiful Värmland, north of
Karlstad, a 4 hour drive from Oslo or Stockholm airport: See
www.hannemo.se. There are train and bus connections. Participants
arriving by train or bus can be picked up at "Bäckebron", please
contact Hanne in advance: +46 (0)565 51919. By car drive from
sign "kursgård"by road E45, 19 km south of Sunne.
Living: All inclusive 3100 SEK(2/3 bed) or 2400 SEK for
camping. (Vat incl.) (800 SEK extra for single bed). Please pay in
advance to pg 400518-7 . For international payment use: Vivapraktiken, Annette Areskoug
IBAN: SE 393 0000 0000 1142 1703 912, BIC, SWIFT: NDEA SESS.
Hannemo Kursgård. Sheets 100 SEK or bring your own.
Course Fee: 4800 SEK (Vat and SEK 500 registration fee
included) 3000 SEK for ELMP students/Graduates. The whole
course fee including registration fee before 29th May: 4550 SEK,
Last registration day 20th June
Payment and confirmation: Contact Annette Areskoug,
annette.areskoug@hem.utfors.se, 0046-18-464642, mobil 0046 703
244264. Hågavägen 338, 752 63 Uppsala, Sweden.
Pay SEK 500 Registration fee to Vivapraktikens PG 22577-1.
Room reservations go together with registration.
On cancelation no later then 6 weeks before the course begins the whole
payment will be rehearsed (excl.registration fee, on cancelation no later than one
month before the course begins half the payment (excl.registration fee), on
cancelation later than one month no payment reheared. If you have a physician
certificate the whole payment will be rehearsed.
For international payments: Vivapraktiken, Annette Areskoug IBAN SE 039500 0099 6018 00225771, BIC
NDEASESS, Nordea Bank, AB, SE-10571 Stockholm

For a PDF flyer click here


Tuesday, July 11, 2017 - 5:00pm to Sunday, July 16, 2017 - 9:00am