April 8-9, 2017 Durham, NC Embodied Life Seminar

A Safe Harbor in the Storm: Cultivating Grounded Presence and Warm-Heartedness in Challenging times.




Dear Friends,




I am thrilled to return to Durham and to share "The Embodied Life™" with you.

In the midst of political change, social divisions and upheaval, finding our grounded, centered presence is more essential than ever before.   When grounded in our bodies and deeply connected to the world, we become a place of healing and solace--a safe harbor in the storm.  From this place we can also access the strength we need to be the change we want to see in this world.

These are challenging times. Inner and outer voices are often screaming to be heard. When lost in fear and confusion, we add to the suffering of the world.  When we cultivate our connectedness to all beings, we become a healing balm for personal and societal conflict. We also become a lighthouse for others.  In this way we can stand up for social justice with self-awareness, compassion and care for all beings.




The Embodied Life teachings are grounded in the basic fact of interconnectivity.  Our practices are designed to support a quality of presence that allows the illusion of a solid, separate self, based in our personal and cultural conditioning, to be seen with warm-hearted kindness and clarity. The external barriers to social justice are a reflection of our internal barriers; our individual and collective transformation requires the deconstruction of these implicit biases.



The simple and reliable practices of The Embodied Life School help us to experience our basic groundedness and inter-connectivity.  We grow the neural networks of: inner safety, joy, groundedness and natural empathy.

In this seminar, we will grow our capacity:



--to be the best friend of all our inner voices through deep listening

--to meet challenging moments with greater groundedness and confidence

--to sense the sacred joy of deconstructing the illusion of our separateness

--to become more aware of structural biases in our social systems and to stand up as voices for justice in the world that we share.



Through the simple, direct practice of Embodied Meditation, various awareness practices based in Focusing®, plus the powerful movement lessons of Moshe Feldenkrais called "Awareness Through Movement®", we will deeply and--often joyfully--experience our potential to become an embodied expression of healing, connectedness and solace.

I hope you will join me for an inspiring week-end of learning together.


Bio:  Russell Delman has dedicated his life to the study of human transformation through more than 45 years of both Zen meditation and many years of awareness study. He began offering Feldenkrais classes in 1975 and has helped train more than 2500 Feldenkrais® professionals. He is deeply indebted to his close personal relationships with Dr. Feldenkrais and Dr. Eugene Gendlin, founder of Focusing. Russell credits his more than 40 years of marriage and his experience as a father for his deepest learning. He is the founder of The Embodied Life School and guides mentorship programs, seminars and retreats throughout the world.

For a more complete biography and other information about The Embodied Life School, please go to www.russelldelman.com.

 Free Friday Night Talk April 7th! (donations appreciated) 7-8:30 pm at:

Global Breath Studio
119 W Main Street
Suite 300
Durham, NC,

Seminar Date: Saturday April 8 - Sunday April 9, 2017 10:00am - 5:00pm

Location: Shared Vision Retreat Center 3717 Murphey School Rd Durham 27705

Cost: $205 Early Bird Tuition ( before March 18), $235 after. A few partial scholarships are avaiable. Contact: office@russelldelman.com. Optional catered lunch.

Local Contact: Lisa Werness lwerness@gmail.com 919.306.4340

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Or call the office at 707.827.3536 or email office@russelldelman.com

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Saturday, April 8, 2017 - 10:00am to Sunday, April 9, 2017 - 5:00pm