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The Delmans apply their capacity for presence, deep listening and an understanding of dynamic systems to the challenges of the business world. Dynamic stability is the combination of stability and flexibility and it is essential for all well-functioning systems. When companies and individuals are too solid and inflexible, they become unresponsive to a changing world and sacrifice creativity. When too changeable, the system loses its reliability.

Most organizational problems stem from a lack of self-awareness, a lack of awareness of the impact one is having on others and ineffective communication. Russell and Linda work directly with all of these gaps.

The following are excerpts from a recent presentation to a large telecommunications company...

The main qualities that create an excellent working environment can be summarized with the acronym
TIP: Teamwork, Intentionality and Presence.

Teamwork includes the qualities of accountability (being reliable and doing what you say you will do), communication (based in deep listening to the needs of others, the needs of the project and the needs of one's self) and commitment to a well-defined, collective goal.

Intentionality means both clarity of direction (both short and long term goals) as well as the capacity to focus on the task at hand. Skill in prioritizing so that the 'urgent' does not overwhelm the 'important' is an essential component of intentionality.

Presence is the capacity for meeting people and situations with one's whole self in the present moment. It is the most essential skill for excellence personally, professionally and even, artistically. Great athletes, musicians as well as CEO's share this capacity for putting everything aside and meeting the present moment.

Team is the ground.
Intention gives you target.
Presence gives you the means.

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