November 2017

Intimate with this One Precious Life

Intimate with this One Precious Life
Ode to earth, air, fire, water

I don’t know!
Somewhere between:
 “It is all too much” and
“Just say ‘yes’!”
A cry rings out:
Earthquakes, Fires, Floods, Hurricanes
How do the birds sing?

After bows this morning
dawn subtly shimmers, a gray-white light
Each breath a grace-filled journey

Upright sitting confirms my presence on this earth
Deep intimacy with THIS spot,
Grace and ground carrying me right now

Reflections from Nov.12 All-Day Meditation

Reflections from the Nov. 12 All-Day Meditation

For seven years, I have been sharing a practice in which we meditate continuously for many hours. Last Sunday, the day consisted of two, five-hour periods of sitting and walking meditation, dedicated in gratitude, to our oneness with the earth. People ask me, why ten hours in a day? What is the point? What is the value?

First, I don’t know that this is a helpful practice for others. I guess for some people it is and for some it is not. I will describe some of the value I perceive for myself.

Embodied Meditation

Embodied Meditation

Embodied Meditation has its roots in the Zen practice called Shikantaza or “just sitting”. The main intention is to become intimate with our experience of being alive in the present moment. Rather than “mind control, the emphasis is on a gentle orientation toward presence in an open, curious, committed and friendly way. Friendliness with mind and body leads naturally to friendliness with life itself.

Reflections on Forgiveness



To paraphrase Gautama Buddha, “when we create thoughts of vengeance, blame and anger, two beings are poisoned and the one generating these thoughts eats the poison first.”

Blame is accusing others for our current condition.  It is the antithesis of self-responsibility and is, fundamentally, powerless to transform our outer and inner life.