December 1st to December 4th, 2022

Embodied Life Retreat

San Rafael, California (Santa Sabina Center)

Deepening into Gratitude and Forgiveness

With Russell and Linda Delman

In all Embodied Life retreats we work with three main forms: sitting and walking meditation, Feldenkrais® movement lessons and Guided Inquires. The meditation is based on the Zen practice of "just siting", the movement lessons are gentle, brilliant explorations of "Awareness Through Movement"®, based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais and Guided Inquiry which includes a variety of awareness practices based in the focusing work of Eugene Gendlin.


"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was 'thank you', that would suffice"
-Meister Eckhart

Cultivating the Field of Gratitude is an essential practice in the Embodied Life teachings. Through learning to guide our attention, we begin to notice that each day offers many touching moments that can be experienced and re-experienced, creating a neurologically based ground of gratitude. We can say that through the power of attention we are led to moments of being touched by life, which then invites authentic gratitude.

We will discover how gratitude is perhaps the simplest, most reliable way to invite positivity into our hearts. The life and health giving effects of gratitude are inestimable.


"Forgiveness is choosing love. It is the first skill of self-giving love"
-Mahatma Gandhi

Forgiveness of self and others is often the key ingredient for letting go of "unfinished business" that we are carrying from the past. After being in Rwanda, I learned a great deal about the complexity of authentic forgiveness. Sometimes forgiveness requires steps and stages, other times a total letting go is possible. Deep, warm-hearted listening is essential to make these distinctions. We will experience practices that invite this capacity so that we can go forward with an unburdened heart.

We gather together Thursday evening for dinner followed by and opening circle with Russell and evening meditation. Silence is observed in the morning through breakfast the following day. Each day begins with meditation followed by breakfast and a break. There are morning and afternoon sessions, which cosist of movement lessons, talks and other explorations to support your practice. Ample breaks are provided for rest, reading, walks and contemplation. An evening meditation completes each day. The retreat concludes with lunch on Sunday.

Please join us for a restorative weekend so that we can freshly enter the season and new year...Russell and Linda

"Human transformation requires the movement from fear to love as our basic operating principle. Presence is the door, Embodiment is the key"

Russell Delman began to study Zen meditation and somatic psychology in 1970 as undergraduate student in psychology. His training and personal relationship with Moshe Feldenkrais began in 1975, and he has since helped train more than 2500 Feldenkrais teachers all over the world. In recent years, Russell's close friendship with Eugene Gendlin ("Focusing") has strongly influenced his work. Other powerful influences include Non-Violent Communication and his work with Mother Theresa in India. Russell offers Seminars, Retreats and a three year mentorship program the The Embodied Life™ School.

Linda Evans Delman has been an international consultant and educator in the fields of Psychology, Conscious Movement, and Spirituality for over 30 years. She trained directly with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. She has been deeply influenced by Spacial™Dynamics, Eurythmy, Meditation, Prayer and Mother Nature. She joined the faculty of The Embodied Life School in 2015.

Date:   December 1st to December 4th, 2022 (Thursday to Sunday)
Time: 6:00pm (Thu) - 12:00pm (Sun)
Location: Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, California

*Covid Information. Santa Sabina is very safe and cautious. They require proof of full vaccination (two shots or one of J&J) to attend this retreat. According to Marin County Covid protocol, masks will be worn in all public spaces (not training rooms or sleeping quarters). We are their first group with new state requirements, so it will be a bit experimental with new purification systems, cleaning regimens, etc.. Food will be different than in the past in order to meet these new requirements. Use of the mini fridge in the common area is now limited to medications only. * Note - massages are not available at this time.

Tuition: Sliding scale between $225-$395

Lodging (includes all meals): Single $570, Double $495 per person, Commuter $405

A deposit in the amount of lodging will hold your space. Lodging and tuition must be paid in full one month prior to the retreat.

To register: click here.

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