November 5th to November 7th, 2021

Embodied Life Zoom Seminar

Hosted by Feldenkrais Access New York

With Russell and Linda Delman

Join "Live" or via Recording!

"The Embodied Life™: Presencing and Re-Visioning"

A warm-hearted caring for self and world, i.e. Love, is a natural unfolding from Embodied Presencing.

Dear Friends, Known and Unknown,

These extraordinary times provide great challenges and remarkable opportunities for transforming our lives. There are two essential capacities that can help shape our individual and collective futures, we call these Presencing and Re-Visioning.

Few people realize the potency that emerges from being grounded in awareness of our physical bodies. Moshe Feldenkrais offered the beginnings of a path for being more fully present in our selves and the world, as well as a reliable base for imagining our future lives. When combined with Embodied Meditation and other powerful awareness practices, we can travel a fully integrated path of transformation.

We invite you to join us for an effective, deep and joyful seminar of learning together. Read below for more details and definitions.

Hoping to see you in November.

Wishing you Abundant Blessings....Linda and Russell Delman

Presencing: The process of engaging fully in the present moment. When "presencing a moment", you are experiencing the here and now as an integration of: body, mind, heart, nature and your social world - cultivating the art of Being and authentic humanity.
Re-Visioning: From this state of presencing, you can open to images, directions and guidance from "the wisdom body", a source of reliable intuitions for your uniquely unfolding life.
Embodiment: Being grounded and centered in one's physical body- a reliable path to presencing the moment.
The Embodied Lifeis an integrated path of insight and awakening. Connecting present moment awareness with your intentions and dreams for the future creates a truthful and meaningful life.
Through specific practices, you will learn to integrate: mindfulness, heart--ullness, body-fullness and spatial awareness. This is wholeness.

Sitting quietly and caringly with your thoughts Mindfully welcoming your feelings.Finding comfort in your body

The seminar will include:

Embodied meditation: A bare-bones, non-ideological approach to experiencing the present moment. This is the basis for being at home in ourselves.
Guided Inquiry: A variety of awareness experiments for uncover obstacles to presence and inviting direction. Learning to bring a caring, curious presence to our emotions and "negative" thoughts is truly transformative.
Embodied Movement Practices: 1) Feldenkrais movement lessons are powerful, neurologically-based motor sequences that quickly invite a deepening of body awareness. 2) You will learn simple, standing movements based in archetypal patterns found in art throughout the world, inviting potent, life-giving experiences.

Each day will include short meditations, awareness practices, movement lessons and interactive talks/conversations.

This workshop is open to all people.

"Human transformation requires the movement from fear to love as our basic operating principle. Presence is the door, Embodiment is the key"

Russell Delman began to study Zen meditation and somatic psychology in 1970 as undergraduate student in psychology. His training and personal relationship with Moshe Feldenkrais began in 1975, and he has since helped train more than 2500 Feldenkrais teachers all over the world. In recent years, Russell's close friendship with Eugene Gendlin ("Focusing") has strongly influenced his work. Other powerful influences include Non-Violent Communication and his work with Mother Theresa in India. Russell offers Seminars, Retreats and a three year mentorship program the The Embodied Life™ School.

Linda Evans Delman has been an international consultant and educator in the fields of Psychology, Conscious Movement and Spirituality for over 30 years. She trained directly with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and is an authorized Feldenkrais® trainer. She has been deeply influenced by Spacial Dynamics™, Eurythmy, Meditation, Prayer and Mother Nature. She joined the faculty of the Embodied Life School™ in 2015.

Date:  November 5th to November 7th (Friday to Sunday)
8:30AM-1:00PM PDT/PST
11:30AM-4:00PM EDT/EST
3:30PM-8:00PM GMT (UK)
5:30PM-10:00PM IST (Israel)
Location: Zoom

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Cost Extra-Early Bird $250 (ends October 18). Early Bird $275 (ends November 1). $300 thereafter. Scholarships are available. Other currency options available on registration page


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