October 17th to October 18th, 2020

Embodied Life Seminar

Bern, Switzerland  (Kirchgemeindehaus Frieden)

Freedom Through Awareness: Embodied Meditation, Guided Inquiry and the Teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais

with Russell and Linda Delman

What is human freedom? In addition to the political, economic and social forces that influence human beings, what are the keys to growing this rare and precious capacity? Said another way, how can we have new movement patterns, thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationships rather than simply repeating our old habits?

Great teachers of humanity from Buddha to Dr. Feldenkrais, along with many others, saw that after our biological needs are satisfied, the main requirement for personal and societal freedom is the ability to change habitual reactivity into conscious awareness.

They saw that we MUST repeat the past if we do not grow our capacity for "knowing what we are doing and knowing that we know" which is Feldenkrais' definition of awareness. To perceive ourselves and the world in new, life-giving ways and to enact new choices, we need powerful practices that can overcome the magnetism of the past

This seminar is a joyful celebration of the human being and our ability to grow new responses to life on all levels. Through guided practices that include meditations, Feldenkrais movements and neurologically-based awareness experiments we will explore the power of our attention to create new possibilities.

These days are interesting, restorative, enjoyable and transformative.

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to return to Bern for my annual visit with my wife, Linda co-teaching. This year we will focus on one of my favorite subjects, "Freedom Through Awareness". In my opinion this is the central issue for Moshe Feldenkrais, Gautama Buddha and other great teachers. How can ordinary people like you and me become more and more free of limiting patterns to thinking, feeling, moving and relating.

My deep hope is that you will join me for these days of learning together.


Date:  October 17th to October 18th (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: Sat. 9:30am - 4:30pm Sun. 9:30am - 4:00pm
Location: Kirchgemeindehaus Frieden, Friedenstrasse 9, 3007 Bern
Cost: CHF 360-/CHF 320-reduziert (Studierende/AHV, Paare) Embodied Life - Teilnehmer/innen CHF 180-Anmeldeschluss 21. September 2020

To register: studio@ka-feldenkraismethode.ch

Local Contacts: Katrin Arn Tel. 0041 (0) 31 311 79 70

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