June 26th to June 28th, 2020

Graduate Movement Mentorship Retreat

Salzburg, Austria (Johannes Schloessl Pallottiner Retreat Center)

Times - begins lunch Friday at 12:00, retreat ends lunch Sunday at 12:00

"We must start quite far down at the bottom when we wish to tread an inner path, even as the Earth begins deep down when bringing forth new life. We will hang in mid-air throughout our life if we do not start deep within. Profound concentration, quiet and devotion are required for this." ~Emil Bock

A New step for Embodied Life Teachers and Students!

Guiding movement in an "Embodied Life" Way.

The Embodied Life School™ presents: A Movement Mentorship Retreat "Entering with Presence" in Salzburg, Austria ~ June 26, 27, & 28, 2020

An Intimate Gathering for ELMP Graduates

15 Student Places with 4 Teachers

In all the Embodied Life programs, we offer various approaches to movement: from short powerful movement experiments, to adapted Feldenkrais lessons, standing gestures and dynamic spatial experiments. Embodied Life teachers throughout the world have been asking for more guidance in how to present the movement practices. In this graduate retreat, we will focus on the most important movement experiments. Our goal is, like the opening quote from Emil Bock, to start deep down into the moment of being with the movement in a new kind of presencing.

These movements can be used in classes, seminars, and talks to give an immediate, potent experience of embodiment. This New program is designed to support graduates who would like to deepen their understanding of movement as a key to Embodied Movement, and to assist those who are teaching or want to begin sharing this work with others.

Imagine being in a small group of graduates who are preparing to go deeper with themselves and the work of understanding the living qualities of movement. There will be opportunities for sharing, and questions within the group. There will be readings sent out before we meet as preparations for our journey together.

This is an opportunity to expand your capacity to lead and understand movement in the Embodied Life presencing way. Join us for this pioneer adventure.

To register for this event: *Please note ~To participate in this new adventure, you will need to write a letter of request, stating why you'd like to attend and share a bit of your background. Please include a photo. We will respond to each person and we look forward to meeting

Tuition: By Donation (pay what you choose). Suggested donation ~ Euro 100,00. No one will be refused for inability to pay. Seminar is limited to a maxium of 15 participants.

For bank transfer information: click here.

The Johannes Schloessl Pallottiner Retreat Center

The Johannes Schloessl Retreat center is located on a high plateau overlooking the city of Salzburg. There are nature trails and quiet strolls to be taken at breaks. There is a deep sense of quiet and simplicity and as it is a monestary, we suggest modesty in our dress and manner.

Salzburg, Austria (The Johannes Schloessl Pallottiner)


Lunch 12-13:00

Afternoon study 13:00 - 16:00

16:00 Check In - Get rooms and orient around the property/ rest

18:00 Dinner

Evening Meeting and meditation 19:00 - 21:00


Morning Meditation & Walking Meditation 7am - 7:45

Silent Breakfast 8-9

Morning Study 9am

Lunch 12-13:00

Afternoon Gathering 15:00

Dinner 18:00

Evening Meeting and Meditation 19:00-20:45


Morning Meditation & Walking Meditation 7am - 7:45

Silent Breakfast 8-9

Morning Study 9am

Lunch 12: Check out and departure

Room Rates

Single rooms with shower/wc

Euro 71,50 per person and night including taxes and breakfast

Double rooms with shower/wc

Euro 67,30 per person and night including taxes and breakfast

Lodging To make your lodging arrangements and payments please contact The Johannes Schloessl Pallottiner retreat center directly at

Mönchsberg 24 | 5020 Salzburg Tel.: +43 (662) 84 65 43 - 71

Linda Evans Delman, author and editor of The Essential Movements Book, will be the lead teacher for this event. Her 30 years of guiding others in Feldenkrais Lessons and 20 years of Sacred Dance, 10 years of Spacial Dynamics and decades of Counseling and Awareness practices, have come together to support the Embodied Life School and its' students. Her great hope is that each person who seeks to share their gifts with her, will be met with a deep listening, a warm heart, and her commitment to help each person find their authentic way.

Martina Walther will be assisting this first course. She is an ELMP grad as well as a Feldenkrais graduate. She is currently living in Ravensburg, Germany. She has been devoted to the path of embodiment and continues to deepen her work in all aspects of her life. She is a contributing member of the Movers Group.

Jutta Wakley Neuninger, lives in Vienna, Austria. She is a Feldenkrais practitioner for the last 15 years. She is also an ELMP grad. She leads workshops in Austria and Italy. Her joy of living an embodied Life inspires others. She is been a contributing member of the Movers Group.

Russell Delman, Founder of the Embodied Life School, will lead our Morning Meditations. His many decades of devotion to the teachings of Awareness infuse his life and the entire curriculum of the Embodied Life School.

"I slept and dreamt that Life was joy. I awoke and saw that Life was Service,I acted, and behold, I found that service was Joy!" ~Rabindranath Tagore

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