February 8th and 9th, 2020

Embodied Life Seminar

Munich, Germany  (Ya Wali)

Being and Becoming

with Russell Delman and Linda Delman

What is your next step in the right direction? In the darkness and cold weather of the season, we turn inward and often have a unique clarity of thought. It can be a time for re-imagining our lives, and re-visioning our course of action. Every person of integrity has always had to choose the ground upon which she or he would stand. One of the qualities of wholeness is the ability to know with some certainty the solid ground on which one stands. That being said, knowing where we stand must be re-examined again and again so as to be kept alive and vital. The light of clear intention, purpose, and presence, is already in us and becomes a strength for others and for ourselves.

In this seminar we will work with Embodied Life School practices to uncover and re-ignite our present moment awareness and our path of becoming. Cultivation of a rich inner life becomes a luminous lens to the outer life. A new means for action. To develop a conscious commitment is a rendezvous with the Self. A seed force of Love for the future.

Please Join us in this Intentional Process of Becoming.

The Embodied Life School™ is an integrated teaching developed by Russell Delman that is based in the Zen practice of "Just Sitting" (Shikantaza). This work stands on three legs: 1) Embodied Meditation based in Zen 2) Embodied Movement - based in the Feldenkrais Method® and 3) Embodied Inquiry which includes various awareness practicies based in Focusing, Non-Violent Communication and deep listening.

"In all Embodied Life Retreats we work with three main forms: sitting and walking meditation, Feldenkrais® movement lessons and Guided Inquires. The meditation is based in the Zen practice of "just sitting", the movement lessons are gentle, brilliant explorations of Awareness Through Movement®, based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, and Guided Inquiry which includes a variety of awareness practices based in the Focusing work of Eugene Gendlin.

* Please bring your own mat and meditation cushion. There will be a few available for people who are traveling.

Date:  February 8th and 9th (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Ya Wali, Kirchenstrasse 15, 81675 Munchen, subway station: Max Weber Platz
Cost: Early Bird tuition (until January 15th) Euro 220, there after Euro 250, ELMP students half price tuition or bring a full priced friend for free tuition!

To register: click here.

Local Contact: Martina Walther FKinKF@gmx.de

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