September 14th to 15th, 2019

Embodied Life Seminar

St. Louis, MO (The International Institute of St. Louis)

The Embodied Life™ And Social Justice: Integrating Personal and Societal Awareness

With Russell Delman and Liliana Evans Delman

"Seeking to Understand before Being Understood"

In this seminar, we will combine inner awareness including meditation and Feldenkrais movement lessons, along with social awareness practices,talks and conversations. The intention is to grow our capacity for being more fully present, as well as exploring ways we can be a positive force for societal transformation. We will focus on essential skills including:

Embodiment: Developing greater access to a Grounded-Centered Presence, that you can take with you into difficult conversations and situations
Listening: Learning and practicing excellent listening skills to improve your communication and relationships
Cross-Cultural Communication:Learning to express yourself in ways that can be received and understood from multiple lived experiences
Social Awareness:Increasing awareness of social injustice, personal identities and their impacts on oneself and others

Russell Delman began to study Zen meditation and somatic psychology in 1970 as undergraduate student in psychology. His training and personal relationship with Moshe Feldenkrais began in 1975, and he has since helped train more than 2500 Feldenkrais teachers all over the world. In recent years, Russell's close friendship with Eugene Gendlin ("Focusing") has strongly influenced his work. Other powerful influences include Non-Violent Communication and his work with Mother Theresa in India. Russell offers Seminars, Retreats and a three year mentorship program the The Embodied Life™ School.

Liliana Evans Delman is a social justice educator, higher education professional, and the founder of Delman Consulting. Liliana uses her background in dialogue facilitation, diversity and inclusion training, and mindfulness to create positive social change. In addition to her work with Delman Consulting, Liliana is the Assistant Director for Diversity Education at Stevens Institute of Technology. In this role, she builds inclusive communities and serves as a diversity and inclusion subject matter specialist.

Free Friday Night Talk! September 13th 7-8:30pm

Date:  September 14th and 15th (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Location: The International Institute of St. Louis 3401 Arsenal St., St. Louis, MO
Cost: Early Bird (before 8/24) $195, thereafter $225

To register and pay: click here No one will be excluded due to cost barriers. With requests for financial assistance: Contact: 707.827.3536

Local Contact: Sandy Weiss 314.7376983

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